Puppy potty training 101 – Part 4

Potty training your puppy

For potty training your puppy I recommend that you stay for two weeks or more. When you can spend most of the light hours with your puppy you will see twice the result then someone that doesn’t stay home to train their puppy. Put your puppy on a feeding schedule give him food and water but don’t take away until the second week. Then wait for an half an hour then take the food away. This will give him a regular potty schedule after 30to45 minutes your puppy will look for some where to go potty. Some breeds are harder to train then other breeds these thing you should look up before getting s puppy. Puppies don’t have total control of their bladder or bowels. It your job to keep them off the carpet until their fully potty trained. You have to be patient with the puppy when you teach him/her to go outside and be patient when he/she has an accident. A puppy is an exciting addition to a family mostly for children. To bad they weren’t potty trained from the get go. Ask any dog owner what the hardest thing is to do in training a puppy. They will say potty training is the hardest. But potty training is pretty easy it just takes patience. Be mindful that your puppy is a baby dog and not a child dogs are habitual reinforcement animals. Start early with the basics and you will have a well trained dog. In potty training you have to pick out a spot outside for him to potty and you have to catch your puppy in the act when you catch him say no no then pick him/her up gently and take him/her to the spot you picked outside. Set him/her down hold him/her gently to see if he has to go again. If he/she goes again praise him/her and pet him/her. when he/she is finished. Guess what he will probably potty in the house again so do the same thing again. When hes finished praise him/her and pet him/her. keep doing these until it turns into a routine. Puppies are the center of attention more with the children so get the whole family to help. Do the same thing every time he/she pottys. This is a quick and effective method to train your puppy to go outside to potty. With the right amount of time and praise and petting your puppy will be trained in no time at all. You have to catch your puppy doing potty in the house in order to train him. If you find soiled spot later you shouldn’t scold him/her this will only confuse the puppy and training the puppy would be much more harder. Never rub the puppies nose in the spoiled spot. You wouldn’t like that if someone did that to you so that means he probably doesn’t like either. Also clean the spot really good. Use vinger and water so the puppy doesn’t smell it. If he/she smells it he will more then likely go their again. So this is a basic potty training lesson. Hope you and your family enjoy your new puppy.

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