Puppy potty training 101 – Part 3

There are several basic steps to potty training puppies and adopted adult dogs that will keep your house spot free from the beginning. Weather you choose paper, yard or crate, planning should begin before you pick your pup up and potty training from the moment you bring your new pup home.

~ Potty Training Basics ~

Like human babies, puppies need time to develop the muscles for holding waste. It takes about three months of accident prevention before you can ease up on the training and allow more freedom.

Puppies naturally don’t want to spoil the areas where they sleep and eat, so leaving them in a blocked off room full of paper sends the wrong message and confuses them. Persistence and timing are better methods of house training.

Adopted adult dogs may have other issues. Living in the tight quarters of a shelter or abusive home may have gotten them used to relieving themselves unnaturally in living zones. In all fairness always give adults dogs the opportunity to be good by providing them with regular trips to the potty. They will quickly understand that they can trust your potty routine’s regularity.

One accident is all it may take to develop a bad habit because dogs are drawn to the odor. If an accident happens, don’t waste time yelling at your pup or plopping him on newspaper just clean up the accident immediately. Many natural stain and odor removers are available in pet stores that will be safe for all of your pets.

~ The Potty Spot ~

Before introducing your pup to the house have a spot picked and ready for elimination. If you’re training for outside you’ll never have to have to worry about land mines of poop and piddles if you pick a five foot square spot and make this the only place in the yard open for business.

If you are going to a communal dog walk area plan on always pick up what’s visibly left behind because even though the spot is a hundred yards from your house it might be right outside your neighbor’s window.

If you are going to paper train use a litter box for small dogs or a plastic under bed storage tray for large dogs. Shedding some newspaper and leaving it on top of sheets of newspaper will keep your pup’s paws clean.

Paper trained dogs still prefer to do their bathroom business outside. If you also train your pup for outside business your pup will see the paper only as an emergency means. This is very useful in case you’re held up on the road and your pup gets an impatient tummy. Pups that don’t have an alternative leave gifts

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