Puppy potty training 101 – Part 2

Timing + Praise = Potty Trained Puppy…

House training dogs is probably the biggest challenge I hear about from dog owners. People ask all the time – “How do I teach my dog to go to the bathroom outside – not in my house?!”

First let’s clear up a few myths –

Your dog is not eliminating in your house to be revengeful to you! Nope – it doesn’t work that way. The reason your dog is using your house as his bathroom is simply because – he has to go to the bathroom and thinks it is OK to use your dining room rug!

If you have a puppy – you need to be aware that he/she does not yet have bladder and bowel control. Think of a child – you would not be expecting a 1 year old to be potty trained – they just don’t have the control at that stage of their lives!

The same is true with a puppy – they have to develop the control over time.

Older dogs do have the capacity for bladder control – but – if they have not been trained correctly – they are using your home as their bathroom!

If you are expecting your puppy or dog to hold their bladder for very long periods of time – then the problem is you – not your dog! Sorry to be so blunt – but dogs have to go to the bathroom just like you do!

I have had an incident here and there that has kept me away from my house for 12 hours. I am happy to say that my dog did hold his bladder all that time – but – as I was coming home – I knew if he had an accident in my house – it would have totally been my fault – not his!

I totally believe the only way to house break a dog is by crate training. Dogs are not dirty animals – they do not want to lie or sit near the area where they have gone to the bathroom. Using a crate – is creating a “den” for the dog – dogs will not use their “den” as their bathroom.

Some people think that crate training is cruel but actually many dogs like dens – so to the dog, the crate becomes their den – the area in the house that is their spot – their den.

Let’s start with puppies – Puppies are babies – they need lots of attention and they also need periods of sleep.

Get a crate for your puppy that is appropriate for their size. If you have this tiny tea cup poodle and you put them into a 12 foot crate – they will go to one end of it and relieve themselves and go stay on the other end. Keep in my mind that your puppy will grow – and they do grow fast!

Puppies usually have to go to the bathroom at these times;

* When they wake up – in the morning and after a nap

* After they

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