Puppy potty training 101 – Part 1

Puppy Training

The most delightful part of dog ownership is the puppy training part when your dog is a youthful and eager to please puppy. The puppy stage is a good time to start with the most important basic part – establishing who is master by gentle training techniques.

Good dog training techniques are vital to a long happy life with your new puppy that is fresh and open to the world and its many splendors. Training dogs should begin at the early stages as early as 7 weeks of age. As with children we start establishing boundaries of acceptable manners at a young age and so it is with dogs. The best advice is to take your puppy to Obedience Training classes in your area as soon as 8 or 9 weeks of age.

Dog Obedience Training Courses:

-Keep an open mind about training methods which are changing with time.

-Follow your coach’s instructions as they are the professionals.

-Practice the exercises at home for one half an hour each day which will reinforce

the lessons learned and establishes consistency in your dog’s routine.

-Be devoted and positive about training as this will be picked up by your dog

that whom ever holds the other end of the leash is the master to follow.

You have seen the Dog Whisperer on his own television series or watched Barbara Woodhouse who trained dogs in the seventies, or purchased a video on training techniques or viewed other methods of training. There are all different ways to train a dog and what works on one dog may not work with another. Dog behavior training is also another way to tackle training your dog depending on the problem at hand.

Toilet Training a Puppy:

The most immediate training obviously to a new dog owner is that the puppy learns to toilet outside the house.

Training came very quickly with my dog at that age of seven weeks, especially toilet training. After a few minor accidents I took up the messes with paper towels and took it outside along with the dog. I put the paper towel where I wanted her to go in her special place, and left it there for the next time and she got the idea.

Toilet training is also accomplished by taking your dog outside:

1) Every 3-4 hours.

2) After a meal.

3) Upon rising in the morning.

4) Before bedtime at night.

Number 3 and 4 can be accomplished on the daily walks and 1 and 2 during the day after mealtimes.

Feeding a puppy three times a day at first with highly nutritious and natural dog food as they are very energetic as puppies.

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