Puppy potty training 101

Potty training a dog has been an ability wanted by many dog owners across the globe because it would make spending time with your dog much better, not having to clean up after the dog so much. Here I will explain a really easy plan that can be followed in order to stop a dog from making a mess.

First month

In the first month, messes will come all the time. Well, believe it or not, there is a way to minimize the messes. In the first month, the puppy will probably go every hour. Actually it depends on size. Lets say that if your dog is around 7 inches it will go every hour and bigger than like around 15 inches, the dog will go every hour and a half.

At these times take your dog outside or take the dog to a place were you would like it to go. Remember to make a schedule, it will look organized and you can follow it as needed. At night it most likely will go but you can put some newspapers under the dog so that nothing gets dirty and the mess can be cleaned easily. The schedule will be that every hour you will take the dog outside so that it can go.Also, start moving the place it goes more close to the door so in the next month it will go outside.

Second month

In the second month, the dog will be a little bigger. The dogs might go every 2 hours now. It depends on the dog size but there is usually a difference of about half an hour. At these times take the dog to the place it should go and it will go there. Try not to change the place because it will confuse the dog. It will start going less at night but might still go so put newspaper under it. In the schedule made, make sure you include that you should take the dog out every 2 hours or so and take it out at night. Move the place the dog goes outside and I guarantee that it will keep going there because a dog has an excellent sense of smell.

Third month

In the third month, take the dog to the bathroom every 3 and a half hour or so. The dog might start going alone as well but try to take it yourself so that you can see if they are doing it at the right spot. At night, it might not even do it but maybe it can happen so put some newspaper under it. Remember to take it out before it goes to bed and do the same in the morning. Make a schedule and include the walks and stuff.

Fourth month

It will go to the bathroom around the same time but it will probably be able to tell you when it needs to go. The dog might get more independent. It might even completely stop going at night. I also find it a good idea to get cat litter, even if it is for cats. The cat litter will help in absorbing the urine. Cat litter should probably be used when the dog is 1 to 4 months old because it is easily cleaned and replaced.

Fifth month onward

The dog will start to go on its own at most times but it is strongly recommended that the owner walk the dog at least once a day. If you have more time maybe take it then. It will stop going at night and will pretty much get more independent as time passes. After some time you might not even have to follow this plan and your dog will be potty trained.

Congratulation! Your dog has been potty trained!

This potty training plan will help a lot so try to put it in place. I guaranty that this plan will work perfectly. Try to make a schedule so that you know when to take the dog out. Don’t lose hope, every problem has a solution to it. If you follow the movement plan that should be put in place in the first two months then I guarantee that you won’t have any more accidents in your house.

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