Pros and cons of giving your cat a bath

Cats in general do not need to be bathed. But there will inevitably be times that your pet cat will need some help with a bath. Bathing a cat can be a fearful thing, but with these helpful tips, you are sure to survive giving your pet cat a bath.

Mother cats teach their kittens early on to bathe and clean themselves. Cats primp and groom themselves throughout the day, keeping their coats clean. It’s rare that a cat owner will need to bathe their cat. But circumstances might arise that call for bathing, such as sickness or fleas, getting dirty from being outside, skin irritations, etc.

Most cats will naturally heavily resist a bath and getting into water. This is where the battle of wills from the cat owner and cat meets the need for the cat owner to survive and keep their body intact. Being prepared ahead of time will help both you and your cat to live over the bathing process.

Decide where you will bathe your cat. Ideally, you will want to use the bathroom because it’s a small area and you can close the door to prevent the cat from escaping as you seek to bathe it. The kitchen sink is not a good idea unless it has doors that you close to keep the cat in the room.

Run the water into the sink or tub ahead of time, making sure the water is nice and warm. Putting a cat into cold water will not be a good thing, and neither do you want to put the cat into water that’s too hot. Test the water as soon as you run it, making sure it’s a comfy temperature for your pet cat. If you use the kitchen sink, remember that it will be somewhat slippery on the bottom and it might be more difficult to hold the cat. A cat that’s sliding all over the sink will be more difficult to bathe. Consider putting a folded towel in the bottom of the sink to help prevent sliding.

Get all of the supplies that you will need and have them within arms reach of where you will bathe the cat. You will need a towel, pet or baby shampoo, and something to rinse the cat with such as a cup or bowl. If you have a long haired cat and the hair is matted, you might wish to snip the matted areas away before beginning to bathe the cat.

When you have all the cat bathing supplies ready and the water is run, take the cat to the room where you will do the bathing and close the door behind you. You might need a protective towel around your hands and arms to prevent the cat from scratching you to pieces.

Ease the cat into the water. It’s normal that your pet cat will most

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