Proper Use Of Sport Dog Collars

Sport dog collars are designed to help your sport dog understand the necessary things you require him to do without having to yell or do ruthless things on your pet.

And to prevent these unwanted behaviors, try the following tips on the proper use of sport dog training collars!

Sport dog training collar is another good contribution purposely made to help and train dog, the man’s best friend. Sport dog training collars have actually the same purpose with “dog trainers” because this outstanding system gives your dog the idea of being trained while wearing it.

Here are the top secrets to fast results using sport dog collars:

1. Always condition your sports dog to the sport dog training collar by allowing him to wear it at all times instead of only putting it on directly before training. At the same time, keep the transmitter with you even when you are not training so that you can prevent your sports dog from associating the stimulation he receives to the collar or the transmitter.

2. Since the correction pulse from the sport dog collar is non-directional, always use it away from people and other animals to avoid unnecessary signal interruptions. Assisting your sport dog with the training everyday will also help him learn faster.

3. For effective training, always use the level one or the lowest stimulation on the first training days of your sport dog. Then if your sport dog shows no reaction, go on the next level until you find the proper level for your dog. Try not to make your dog panic or vocalize during the stimulation because if this happens, the stimulation level you provide is too high.

4. Don’t depend or do not use the dog training collar to eliminate any form of aggression or biting behavior of your sports dogs. It’s better to contact a qualified professional sport dog trainer in your area when your sport dog is exhibiting such aggressive behaviors.

5. Do not use dog training collars to reinforce commands that have not yet been covered. Always start with behaviors your sport dog already recognizes. Please be reminded that every time your sport dog gets confused, give him assistance and praise him every time you see improvements. It is better to reinforce a command with a correction because it is unsafe that you do so without emotion. After that, praise and reward your sport dog for making the right decision because it really affects the attitude of your sport dog towards training.

6. As much as possible, keep your training session positive and short. Take note that your sport dogs are always agitated so you must make a way for them to focus their attention on you. Try to look for the positive changes and always end your training session on a high note. When your sport dog already accomplishes a new level, stop training and play with the sport dogs.

7. Try to train your sport dog in specific location like in your hunting place or sport-related area so that he will not be distracted. The stimulation level may also need to be adjusted up or down, depending on the exercise or distraction level.

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