Promoting harmony between dogs and cats

People always look at dogs and cats as anmals that hate each other. This is true because when cats see dogs they become very aggressive and want to attack them. Dogs also bark wildly when they see cats around. These two animals hate each other and many pet owners do not let them live in one house for the same reasons.

I had tried taking care of cats and dogs and they all got along well with each other. Sabre our dog is a big dog but he was very gentle and lovable that he wasn’t someone to fear. We had a lot of cats before and they have all their beautiful names; Strrawberry, Bubbles, Sunshine, Ivory, and they all played around chasing each other. Our first pets were the cats and then after a few months we took in our dog, Sabre. The very first time our pets met, there was nothing unusual at all that happened. To our surprise, they all seemed to be comfortable with each other. Sabre was two weeks old before while we had one mother cat and her four babies.

I think the reason was because Sabre was still a puppy that time. But i was wrong. When Sabre grew up, all our pets played harmoniously without creating any figts among themselves. They treated each other like brothers and sisters. They were all so beautiful playing around our house and sleeping on our beds and chairs.

I don’t know exactly how things happened but we never noticed that cats and dogs do not like each other. Since the start, our pets have been very comfortable with each other and we didn’t have any problems regarding their behaviors. I think what made them love each other was how we all treated them. We treated them all equally. We played with all of them and feed them with the same food. It may look funny but we all gave our pets the same food. We don’t buy those commercial dog or cat foods. We cooked for them. If Sabre had his chicken, the cats also had their chicken. If we fed the cats with fish, Sabre would also have his fish food.

Our cats slept sometimes with us on the bed and Sabre would also come to our bed and try to sleep with us. If we didn’t like them to sleep with us on the bed, we let them sleep on the floor beside the bed but we never let them stay away from us. Sabre and all the cats were treated like members of our family.

I think the best thing to do to promote harmony between dogs and cats is letting them play with each other while they are still babies. They would develop a bonding while they are still young and they will be comfortable with each other. Animals are like people, the way they are treated matters too much and pet owners must treat them fairly. Pets have emotions of their own and they could understand how we treat them. Never play favorites because animals could feel that. If our pets are treated fairly then there is no reason why they would be jealous and hate each other.

Since pet lovers love all kinds of animals in their homes, it is but right that we should know how to keep them in harmony with each other. And giving them the best treatment is what they need so that they will love each other just as we love them.

I regret that I have no more pets as of now because of some unavoidable circumstances. But I have taken cared of both cats and dogs. When everything will be fine, I would get back to taking care of pets again.

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