Please save these Beagles lives- A Plea to AstraZeneca

Send your pictures pleading to save the beagles to . You can also send a copy to if you want your picture to be displayed on a facebook page with other peoples pictures to be viewed by the public. You can see the pictures of others pleas here: Click this link to download a sign to print out! This is where I got my sign that I used in my photos! : I lived with a Beagle for 17 years, she was the kindest most loving soul I have ever met. Jessie helped me through all the roughest parts of my life. She was always there at my side. I am making this video in her honor, and sending my pleas in her honor. If the Beagles are not re-homed they might either be put to sleep or relocated into another lab where they will be tested on.

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