Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe

I hope that you enjoy Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe which is easily the best song about pit bulls that I have ever heard. Like most people, I did not know what great dogs pit bulls are until recently. As my friend Dog Man says “It is not the dog, but the owner that is the problem and pit bulls are not for everyone.” Featuring: John Shipe – Singer and Songwriter – www.JohnShipe.com song available at http Brix and Honey – red nosed pit bulls Special guest appearances by: Roo and Wallace – WallaceThePitbull.com (taped by Joshua Grenell) Helen and PitBull Sharky – http Coach Steve Lang and Big Boy Linda Blair – LindaBlairWorldHeart.org Also appearing Amy Wray (provided additional footage) Jennie Wong – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay John Tinio – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay Joshua Salinas – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay Angelica Fleiss Zoey Attendees at Dog Man’s free pit bull training / socialization class at the LA Coliseum. Directed by Jeff Fleiss PIT BULL BLUES by John Shipe People see me walking down the street they all run and hide. I used to take it personally now I take it in strides. I got nothing against no one I wouldn’t hurt a fly. People seem to think I’m mean and here’s why, and here’s why I’m a pitbull, a big brown red nose pitbull, a tooth baring muscle bound pitbull I look like I can tear the seal off a loco motive freight train. People park three spaces away when I’m waiting in the car. All the kids in the neighborhood they never walk through my yard

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