Pigs as pets

Your cute and adorable Babe.

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to have a pet pig? Well, it’s not any different from having a pet cat or dog actually. Pet pigs need to take walks just like any dog and pigs too, can be taught to use a litter box, just like kitty. In fact, pigs are easy to train and are now known to be smarter than cats and dogs. They also get along well with other domestic animals so you need not worry about bringing the pig home to accompany your cat or dog. Pigs are also one of the cleanest animal because they normally do not excrete anywhere near their living space. That I think is a great trait.

But then there are challenges to keeping them as a pet. One is that if their appetite is left unchecked, you could end up with one giant, ravenous pig. It’s in their nature to beg for food but as a loving owner, you must regulate their mealtime. Also pigs do not sweat, so during hot weather, they need lots of water to drink and a pool of water where they can cool themselves. That’s one reason why pigs in the wild or in farms tend to wallow in mud. They would rather go to the pool if given a choice!

Pigs also need veterinary care and it is important to find a vet that will take excellent care of your pet. It is also ideal to have a fenced area for your pig. They need space to roam around and play. Having a nice, warm bedding for your him to sleep on is also a must. And most important of all, you need to train your pet so he’ll know who’s boss. This is important because a well-trained pig will be an obedient and adorable companion for you.

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