Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 5

The decision to add a pet to your life should not be taken lightly and just what kind of animal you choose should be based in large part on your lifestyle.

Cats require far less physical activity from their owners and, if daily exercise isn’t your thing, may be a better option than a dog which will require walks and trips outside for toileting.

Apartment dwellers might find cats easier to manage and more likely to meet with a landlord’s approval. Those who work long hours may appreciate the independent nature of felines. Still, cats will need their share of attention . . . and there are always litter boxes to clean.

Assessing your lifestyle before adding a pet might help you make the right decision. Cats can live for many years. A friend recently lost her beloved cat after 20 years. Such things should be considered since when one is adopting a pet they must set a goal of being a permanent home for that animal for its entire life.

Your ability to provide quality veterinary care should also be considered. There are medical expenses involved in pet ownership and many states have annual vaccination requirements which will factor into the long term cost of owning a pet. It is also recommended that pets be spayed or neutered.

Cats generally live longer when they are kept inside. There are many perils that face outdoor cats. Attacks from wild animals, theft, FIV and Rabies can be avoided by keeping a cat indoors. Many adoption centers and veterinarians do not recommend allowing cats outside.

If you’ve decided a cat is the right choice for you, a trip to a shelter might be the best place to start. There are many cats available for adoption and every years thousands are euthanized in the United States because of a lack of adoptive homes. Perhaps you might consider taking home two?

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