Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 4

So, you’re deciding between getting a cat or a dog.

No doubt you’ve heard all that considerations that you need to make before choosing. But the most important consideration is finding a pet that is the perfect match for you and the members of your household.

If you’re a person who loves to get out and go for long walks or jogs, it would not be a problem if you had a Great Dane living in a studio apartment.

If you want a cat that won’t be under-foot tripping you, try a Persian. They’re a little stand offish. Like most cats they prefer to make the first move, they just won’t make that move very often.

These idiosyncrasies are specific to an animal’s breed.

Various breeds of both cats and dogs have different temperaments, exercise needs and long lists of physical requirements.

It’s up to you to do some serious research and soul searching to figure out what you really want and don’t want in a pet and how much time and money you’re willing to spend on that pet.

Below are some general issues that might tip the balance in favor of your next dog or cat.


Some cats and dogs require regular maintenance which can be costly. These costs include grooming, special diets, and breed specific complications such as hip dysphasia.

Dogs like poodles are great if you don’t like pet hair. Unfortunately, without proper grooming the hair on poodles becomes easily matted which can cause painful sores on the dog’s skin. The cost to hire a professional groomer is not cheep, starting anywhere from $40 and up per month. However, if you want to take the time to learn how to clip your own dog, a poodle might fit your budget. This is the same for long hair cats.


If you travel a lot, you will have a number of things to think about. Starting withwhat you will do with your pet during your travels?

Many cats and dogs accustomed to travel do fine, but others can’t take the stress. Size also limits accommodations in hotels and there is often a fee for accompanying pets. Boarding is easier on dogs, but it is costly. Cats will do fine for a few days alone with an ample supply of food water and toys, but a dog will be very unhappy with this arrangement.


We humans have traits that sometimes clash with our pet choices. Before you pick a breed, pick through some breed websites and see what other owners have to say about living with their purebreds.


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