Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 3

The choice between a cat or a dog ultimately depends on the person. Depending on your living situation, personality, and lifestyle, you may more suited for a cat, dog, or both.

Cats are perfect apartment animals. They don’t need to go outside or be walked liked dogs, they are smaller and require less space and food, so costs will be lower. Cats can go to the bathroom inside the residence, while dogs typically need to be taken out to do so. Cats clean themselves, and dogs need to be washed regularly. I recommend cats for any person who’d like to have the companionship of a furry animal, but a relatively low budget. Students and young professionals are a good fit for a cat.

Dogs are great for houses with yards that allow them to play and burn off their energy. Dogs are typically larger than cats, and have higher costs in food, maintenance, and vet costs. I recommend dogs for families who have a lot of love and attention to give to a dog. Dogs are great outdoor animals and are extremely playful. Dogs are great for kids as companions to play with. Just remember to always supervise your pet and your child when they engage in play.

Dogs and cats also have very different personalities. While dogs can typically be very energetic, attention lovers, cats can often be solitary animals who require less attention. Of course these are general statements, and not every cat or dog is like this. I myself have cats that love and crave attention. Dogs are more easily trained then cats, and can be trained to do many impressive things. Cats can also be trained, but it is more difficult and requires a different training strategy.

Determining which type of pet you’d like to own is an important decision, as you want to provide the pet with the best living situation possible. To help make your decision easier, find out what your residence’s guidelines are for pets if you live in an apartment. Locate the nearest pet store, veterinarian, and park. Estimate how much you’re willing to spend on a pet for food, training, maintenance, and other costs. Figure out how much time you can afford to give to your pet for play time and affection.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a good idea on what kind of pet would be perfect for you. Good luck!

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