Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 2

Well you can Imagine when the news broke about the pet food scare I was livid!and frightened.But I quickly went on to the Whiskas web site and they confirmed the food she was getting was safe , what a relief.

On to my son’s pet Cat. Stripes,”Stripes the Cat”he named her the moment he laid his little eyes on her. We searched high and low for his first pet.

I say his first pet because, this was the first pet he adopted at Daddy’s house.He used to have a gold fish at his Mom’s place , but sadly it didn’t live long.I am not sure how long gold fish normally live, but I know he had him for a couple of years, he once brought him over to my place for a week while his Mom and boyfriend were on vacation.I fed him and changed his water , following careful instructions from , my then 3 year old son. Sadly he passed on to gold fish heaven. His Mom informed me of his untimely passing , but had not told our son.I was surprised because he had just been over to my place and never mentioned it.His Mom is a natural at keeping secrets.(read into it if you wish).

Anyway , I was mortified when I found out, I asked her how did he take the news?

Oh he doesn’t know , she said with a grin.Are you going to replace it before he notices? I foolishly asked.

No! she exclaimed.They are too much trouble.Too much trouble? a little creation of God that is so small it fits in the palm of my three year old sons hand. She said oh yeah you are not the one feeding him , and changing his water.

I wondered , how much does a tiny little fish eat? and how often must you change their highly polluted water?

Well, I never mentioned it to him and I am not sure what fibs his mom told him, but he has never mentioned it to me either.

He was always interested in all my stories as a child, the pets I had their names their color.He wanted to know it all . I promised that if he was a good boy Daddy would get him a Kitty for his upcoming birthday.

He was turning six, a big boy I said . You will be able to take care of a pet on your own, won’t you? I asked him.

Daddy you silly , of course I can ! Besides you will help me, won’t you Daddy?

I laughed then I hugged him tight.I promise buddy , when you are not here I will love her and take care of her for you.

The love in his heart the glitter in his eyes and brightest of smiles , what a joy a pet can bring to a child.Something to take care of , something to be responsible for, something to love and to receive love from.

He gets in the car

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