Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 12

People should choose an animal very carefully.

Keep in mind that this animal will be your responsibility for several years to come. The animal will depend on you for companionship, food, medical well being.

Through life’s wonderful adventures, I have had cats, dogs, birds and fish. If you don’t want the responsibility of a dog or cat, get a fish. Birds require more care than the dog or cat and good veterinarians for birds are harder to find.

For the independent, carefree person that has a hard time with responsibility, the cat makes a good pet.

If you desire companionship and have the time a dog is a good pet. Dogs tend to be more social than cats but at the same time demand more attention.

When picking out a dog or cat, think about what is required of you to make the animal’s life a good one.

Will have time to take an animal on daily walks?

Do you travel a great deal, if so, are you willing to take an animal with you?

Do you have an extremely active social life?

If you have an extremely social life, would you be willing to take your companion with you places?

If you have children, this is another consideration. Keep in mind, that in the right circumstances, all dogs bite. Of course, cats too can bite and will under the proper circumstances.

The reason I mention dogs biting is quite simple, dogs tend to be around children and people more than a cat. Children sometimes tease dogs, perhaps are mean to dogs.

Some dogs end up not wanting to be around children or many different people.

The Husky and Malamute tend to be very social dogs. For one the be well behaved, they need a lot of attention, but they are great with kids.

The Pit-Bull, which has a really bad rap, can be an extremely loyal, protective dog. They have a bad name because of people. This dog too can be good with kids unless the kids are the type that want a “bad dog” as in teaching them to fight or be aggressive.

If you want an animal that needs little attention, is independent and does not care about being extremely social, an animal that does not require being walk and getting exercise, a cat is a good pet.

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