Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 11

In choosing a pet, do you sometimes fee that you are “barking” up the wrong tree or do you “purrr…fur” to let the pet choose you? To help you make your decision perhaps you should consider some of the more popular traits of such pets as cats and dogs.

A cat’s behavior tends to be somewhat condescending showing loyalty to no one, except perhaps around feeding time. This is when you break your neck trying to avoid their affections as they weave in and out between your legs rubbing and purring as though there was no other person in their life. A dog, on the other hand, displays humility and great loyalty staying close to the master, obeying every command when properly trained. Cats will turn a “nose up” at training attempts. The cat permits petting when the mood so strikes it and the dog never gets enough. The dog seems to be the better choice but are they really?

First, the dog has to be taken for walks, let out at night for those midnight urges but the cat has its litter box and prefers to walk alone, in fact the cat insists on it?

Second, the dog almost always leave those big piles of “you know what” for you to step in on the way to work, but the cat would cover it up ever so tidally.

What is your preference for a pet? Well, if you have lots of time or herding sheep, trekking the frozen wastelands, looking for drugs or birds, get a dog. But, if you are short of time or cracking a whip in a circus, sticking your head in a month instead of your foot, get a cat.

As for me, I like those cute little pet rocks. They don’t have to be fed, taken for walks, never make a mess and always they stay put!

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