Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog – Part 10

If you are not prepared to care and show affection for a cat or a dog then you don’t deserve a choice. Buy yourself a pet rock instead.That way you will get back from the rock exactly what effort it takes to care for the rock. The real bonus is that you cant abuse a rock like a cat or dog. No animal suffers .

Cats and dogs may be dumb in that they can’t speak but many people confuse dumb with intelligence. Any dog or cat owner can relate endless stories attesting to their pet’s talents and ,in the sounds made by a cat or dog ,to a pet owner’s ear it’s as good as conversation.

Despite the fact that we often attribute human values to cats and dogs it is also wise to remember that they are not human ,they are another species of animal. For that reason you should never allow young children around cats and dogs unsupervised. Dogs can turn on children and cats can inflict bites and scratches depending on circumstances which may or not be the child’s fault. All “would be” pet owners should acquire a book either on cat or dog care and read it from cover to cover before taking ownership. It just may help in the decision to own a cat or dog and may save that animal from ending up in a pound if the effort of caring appears too onerous.

If you want utter loyalty and can give hours of your time then the dog is for you. If you want utter loyalty and can give hours of your time, but not all at once, then a cat is for you. Either way respect that loyalty and you will reap the rewards that come with caring for your very own special cat or dog.

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