Pets: The choice between a cat or a dog

Cat or Dog? Which would be the better pet for you? Pets fill those places within us we didn’t know were empty. Anyone living alone would benefit tremendously by getting a cat or a dog. Coming home to an empty place can be depressing. Having your furry little four-legged friend greet you happily at the door makes a big difference.

While there is a certain amount of responsibility associated with having a cat, a dog requires more. Providing them with ample food and water, you can leave cats for longer periods of time. Dogs need to be walked regularly.

Both dogs and cats need love and attention, and even though cats enjoy being stroked and loved, they are somewhat emotionally independent and don’t seem the least bit slighted when ignored. Dogs on the other hand, crave your affection, waiting anxiously for you to acknowledge them.

The old saying, “Cats chose their owners”, bears a lot of truth. While they can be very loving pets, cats are not loyal and recognize only the one that feeds them. Your cat may run to you when you get home and seem very happy to see you, but leave the cat with someone for any length of time, and it won’t even notice your return.

Dogs are very loyal. Once you and your dog have bonded, it doesn’t matter who feeds or cares for them, they will recognize you immediately. Dogs are protective of their owners and quickly become part of the family.

What are you looking for in a pet? If you enjoy walking, dogs need to be walked every day. Many dog owners love walking their dogs. It’s good exercise, fresh air and a good way to make friends. But if you can’t walk a dog or your schedule doesn’t permit it, a dog may not be the right pet for you.

Owning a cat has many advantages. They will greet you happily with lots of affection, but aren’t as needy as a dog. And even though they welcome your attention, they are pretty much independent.

But having any pet is a responsibility. They are not toys. They are living beings with needs, wants and feelings, depending on you, the way a child depends on a parent.

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