Pets: Part of the family – Part 3

Pets are family members. When my cat had kittens I called my father to let him know he was a grandparent. Although, he did not agree with that statement or even like it even a smidgeon, he loved me enough to understand. My animals are my children.

A friend of mine is employed as a supervisor in a bank. Her job is to approve default and refinancing loans based solely on the reason for the default in the first place. I will never forget when she informed me of the utter bewilderment of an employee when she approved a refinance of a lady who went into default because of an emergency surgery her dog needed, to the tune of three thousand dollars. To her, that was justified because emergencies happen in families. She did not approve of another couples default being refinanced when their reason was to they had to pay for their daughter’s wedding.

Pets are family and emergencies arise. Daughters get married, and if the money is not already set aside, then there are civil ceremonies.

When I do my monthly budget, pet care is always included. My will includes the welfare of my animals. In case of a city wide evacuation, my animals are included in my plan.

My cats and dogs sleep with me, cuddle with me. My animals are loved by my birth children and they love them as siblings, though without all the sibling rivalry. Having a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Theirs, not yours.

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