Pets: Part of the family – Part 2

Ever since I was a child I have had pet of sorts , and now isn’t any different. In my home their are two dogs or though they do get a bit put off when called such a thing and four gold fish even if one is black.

The dogs are probably my consent companions , one is a multi breed consisting of bull terror x Australian cattle dog on his mothers side and reportedly on his fathers side is bull mastiff x rottweiller(sole) so you could imagine my surprise when my second eldest walks in with this little thing that resembles a rat x with a foxie big eyes and looks like if someone coughs in his direction he would pass out, the owners said he was 8 weeks old but I think more like 4 weeks , so as it turned out, me being the only one home through the day who became surrogate mum yeah, you guessed it, me so that was number one oh did I mention at the time we already had a German Shepherd(kiera) ,thankfully they got on alright .

So 2 years went passed and we moved , left the kids behind but took the dogs. Then number 3 child decided he would come home again (of course just for a short stay ) and you are right he brings home his pet dog a Pit bull named Mishka 12 weeks old full of beans and scaring the pants off the poor old Sole.That was 9 years ago the kids have gone but the dogs have stayed thank heavens .As I said earlier we have 2 dogs sadly keira was getting on and we had to put her down it was one of the most saddest days of my life but she was old and in pain and I couldn’t stand to see her in pain any more. My two others are really part of our family my friends love them and now my sons have kids and they love them, sole ‘s not to sure about the grand kids but mishka loves them and is their constant watchdog . Don’t believe all the hype about pit bulls its how they are raised and mine are house dogs who we wouldn’t be without.

They also are surprisingly attuned to your feelings there have been times when I have been very depressed and Mish seems to sense it , she just comes and sits with her head on my lap at the right moment when all you need is a soft head and a wet lick to make you feel ok again.

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