Pets for children below age 10

Sooner or later all children ask for a pet. They see cute dogs and puppies on tv or maybe they’ve always wanted a pony.Whatever reason children want pets, pets can be a great way to instill responsibilty in young children. Pets are also a great way to bring kids and parents together when they play with the pet together or work at taking care of the pet together. Some children have pets around them from the time they are born but for others a good question is: at what age should a kid get a first pet, and what kind of pet do we need? Puppies appeal to just about everyone but puppies are often very rambunctious and probably won’t be a good idea for a very young child. An older, steady dog who won’t mind small hands tugging on ears or tails could be perfect as a small pet.

Goldfish are popular because they are very easy to take care of but most kids might get bored with a fish. They like to be able to actually hold and pet the animal. Guinea pigs are a good choice. I recommend picking a guinea pig that is easy going, not very skittish and for really young kids I don’t recommend getting a baby guinea pig. Young kids often don’t understand how to hold small animals. Guinea pigs require more care than goldfish however. It’s a good idea to get a pet that your child can take care of. Parents need to supervise at first, show the child how to handle the pet to hopefully avoid injury to the pet and scratches to the child. It’s good to start off by giving the child one responsibility at a time and gradually add more until the child can care for the pet alone.

When you as a parent are ready to get that first pet ask your child what he or she would like to get. If they are able to make choices about the pet they will get more attached and accept the responsibilty more readily than if an unwanted pet is thrust at them to take care of. Other pets that are good first time pets are bunnies, hamsters, birds, and even goats. Pygmy goats are tiny, very friendly, and relatively easy to care for. The downside to Pygmy Goats over bunnies,hamsters and birds is that goats are very much herd animals. A solitary goat is often an unhappy goat. Goats require escape proof fencing and more space than the other pets but if you have the ability to have goats, pygmy goats are excellent choices. As far as what age to get a pet, it really depends on the parent and the child. The child needs to show some interest in wanting a pet but also show responsibility in being able to care for a pet. It is important that the parent get a pet that corresponds with the child’s age. You shouldn’t get a pet that the child may unintentionally injure and you don’t want a pet that may unintentionally injure them. The trick is to find a middle ground that is acceptable for all… parents, child, and animal.

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