Pet Turtle Care

How to Take Care of a Baby Turtle learn more: Here is how my experiences can help you. You see, when I started researching how to care for a turtle I also started writing down the things I learnt. But I only wrote down the good stuff, the little gems of info that improved my turtles life without costing me a fortune. After 10+ years of research I ended up with 3 big folders full of notes, print-outs, and pages from books, magazines and newspapers. That’s one hell of a turtle information pack! I have used this information to increase my knowledge and improve my turtles life. Whether it’s by improving his environment or diet or learning vital turtle first aid skills that ensure I can save his life when an illness or accident strikes. I have everything I need in these folders. But you know what? Having 3 big folders with no organization of the contents doesn’t make it easy to find specific information or facts. So what did I do? I spent months upon months compiling all the information, knowledge and facts I had collected over the 10 years of research in to one big turtle care guide. Then I realized, the guide I had just compiled was better than every single guide I had ever read simply because it was a combination of every guide I had read…and it only contained the really good stuff. That’s when I thought, there are millions of people who are in the position I was in 10 years ago. People like you who are still researching how to care for a turtle properly and

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