Pet stories: The unconditional love between dogs and humans

Nothing in the world can ever be more certain than a dog’s fidelity to its master. No matter how cruel the human, the typical dog will usually lick the very hand that abuses it. No other creaute in nature displays such unquestioned and sometimes undeserved devotion.

A dog is genetically wired for this kind of behavior. In a pack, complete allegience to the leader, or alpha dog, is required for survival. To a domestic canine, the human owner takes the place of pack leader. Once this relationship is established, you are your dog’s “god.”

He worships you. He loves you. He lives to please you.

Can you imagine what goes through your dog’s pack-mentality mind? They must think we’re the greatest hunters in the world! We come home from a “hunt” with all kinds of goodies: kibble, chews, treats, toys…everything our furry companion could ever want.

A dog’s faithfulness is legendary. Take for example the story of Hachiko, an Akita that lived in Japan. Hachiko met his owner every day at the train station on the man’s return home from work. After the human died, Hachiko maintained his daily vigil until his own death, years later. What other animal would display such undying devotion?

Hachiko’s story is just one of thousands proving the immeasurable fidelity that resides in the canine soul. There are also hundreds of dogs who have saved members of their human families from fire, drowning, and intruders. A devoted dog is usually more than willing to place its own life in jeapoardy to protect its master from harm.

If you establish leadership from the beginning, you will have a balanced animal who will give you years of love and devotion. Your dog will understand and zealously fulfill his duties of entertaining you, protecting you, and pleasing you. A dog can become the best companion you ever have and will understand when you need a big doggie kiss or a hairy head on your lap. A well cared for and well trained dog exhibits the kind of altruistic behavior that humans can only aspire to. A dog truly is man’s best friend.

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