Pet stories: How my cats got their names

Dedicated to all the loved and wonderful cats, past and present, that I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. Thank you all for the love and happiness you give or have given.

As a family, we did for many years have a tradition for the naming of our pet cats. This tradition started with the first cat my parents owned as a couple; one Friday they got a beautiful black kitten and being somewhat stuck for a name, they decided that they would name him for the day on which they got him. So began the tradition, with their pet cat named Friday, who was by all accounts a great cat and dearly loved.

It was in Perth, Western Australia, that we, as a family were found by our second cat. I was about two years old and my mum had taken me to the local shop. As we were walking home there came from under the bushes of a nearby house a pitiful mewling. My mum was worried that the owner of this pitiful sound was trapped or injured, so we stopped to investigate. Under one of the bushes was a scrawny little scrap of a jet black kitten, with a huge head (it looked out of proportion due to his being so underweight). We petted this little cat for a while, then continued on our way home; much to my delight, we heard a shout from behind us, and said little kitten followed us home. The rest as they say is history, he adopted our family and moved in. This all happened on a Monday, in memory of dear Friday, it was decided that we would combine the letters of Monday with the letters of Friday, so Moofy was named.

Moofy was a wonderful cat and I loved him like a brother, he was with us for just over five years and moved with us to South Africa, where sadly he was fatally injured. I was heartbroken and missed “my little brother” desperately. As we were returning to the UK, it was decided we should wait until we were there before getting another cat.

After we had settled in our new home, the day finally came for us to get our new cat, so off to the Anti-vivisection Society we headed. There I found a beautiful little black cat, (I desperately wanted another black cat), who we brought. This all happened on a Saturday, so in memory of both Friday and Moofy, we combined their names with the first two letters of Saturday, and Samfy became the new family member. Despite her sad and difficult start in life, little Samfy lived with us for about eight years, before dying peacefully in her sleep on her favorite chair.

During Samfy’s time with us, I started doing a paper round

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