Pet stories: Cats that have changed our lives – Part 2

We have recently aquired a new kitten. After some consideration, mainly just the ride home, my daughter named it scuttles. The kitten was orignally an outside cat. It was not trained to a littler box, but it was trained to use cedar shavings. So the cat is now an inside cat. We have found that putting it in a pet carrier every night was worth not having poop on the carpet. The second day we had the cat, it was scratching at the door, and I let it out. I just thought it wanted to go outside. It went right and pooped. It came running back in the house. Evidently it likes being an inside cat. I have never seen a cat that just goes outside. Keep in mind that it is still a kitten too. Anyway we have had this cat for about a week now, and everytime it needs to go, it scratches at the door until someone lets it out. I know dogs do this, but i have never heard of a c at doing it. I just thought it was cute, because none of us wanted the cat, because of potty training. My daughter was the only one who wanted it, and boy did it fool us. Next time you get a cat try putting the litter box outside, and feeding it outside. Maybe then they want need to smell up your house. boy, we sure will. This cat is like the perfect cat, and soooo sweet. We just wish everyone could find such a cat!

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