Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 7

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Where does your pet want to spend the time when you must be away from home? The options can include a kennel or boarding facility which could provide doggie day care (What about your kitties?), a pet sitter who takes them into her/his home, or a professional pet sitter who makes visits to Fido at his own residence!

I would like to describe that last option and discuss the benefits in detail. There has come a shift in how we rear and companion our family pet members. They have become indoor welcome members of the family and serve a multitude of purposes in our lives as never before. As this has evolved so have the options in terms of care available for them when owners cannot be present. Professional Pet Sitting Services are available more and more in communities. These services can and should be insured and bonded. They can have pet first aid and cpr training, and should be well versed in pet behavior. An established pet sitter has a good relationship with a reputable veterinary hospital, and an on call veterinarian for emergencies. There should be an opportunity to meet the sitter in advance of the sitting arrangement to ensure a good match. A sitter should ideally be in relatively close proximity to the client served. A service agreement should be in writing and include all necessary care information, emergency contacts, and instructions, details of any medical/behavioral needs, clear times and dates care is to be delivered, key retrieval information, contingency plans, and other pertinent information the nature of which ensures the best possible care of the family pet members and their home.

Aside from the primary priority of care of family pet members, mail, plants, drapes, lights, trash are auxillary services usually included in the service fees. This comprehensive plan provides the most individulaized care possible.

Experienced pet sitters can give medications including insulin injections to a pet in the stress free environment they are used to. Some services include the option of overnight sitting, and excellent option with pets who are senior, or have medical needs or other reasons for requiring someone in the home at night.

Professional Pet Sitters can also be hired to walk dogs who belong to persons who are away for a longer work day or are otherwise unable to exercise their dog. Sometimes a mid-day visit from a trusted pet sitter, relieves a long day of boredom and provides a welcome potty break, brushing, and smooch.

So……where will your beloved family pet member be when you must be away? Ready to greet you from their favorite windowsill, or sofa when you return to their soft, furry selves. AT HOME!

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