Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 3

Pets are like people. Some travel well, others don’t. One year, my cat was so distraught while traveling in the car that he slipped through my arms at a rest stop and got lost. Luckily, he was found. Now whenever I leave town for four weeks at a time, I feel comforted leaving him home in the care of a pet sitter.

If your pet stays behind, many options are available. You can leave them with family, friends, and neighbors, who make good pet sitters-providing they’re willing-board your pet in a kennel, or indulge in some peace of mind and enjoy the benefits of engaging a pet sitter who devotes time and attention to your pet in your home while you’re gone.

Most pet sitters are eager to share their love of animals with others. A lifelong animal lover, my pet sitter had always dreamed of working with pets, but contented herself with caring for her own five cats and three dogs until she had was laid off from her receptionist job due to cutbacks. She started thinking about how hard it was to find good care for her pets when she was away, and decided to become a pet sitter. Her excitement growing, she had fliers made advertising the services she’d provide: professional pet care, dog walking, feeding, vets visits and tender loving care. Then she visited vet’s offices, pet shops, animal shelters and posted her flyers. And when I called her, we hit it off right away. As we chatted, I was so impressed with her obvious love of animals that I hired her on the spot-and told my friends and neighbors. She became a member of Pet Sitters International, an organization that puts her contact information on their website. Today, rather than working in an office she gets to play with kittens and puppies all day long and best of all, she loves it!

Pet sitters want to learn as much as possible about the pet. They’ll visit your home first to interact with the pet and get detailed information about their care. In addition to feeding and walking a pet daily, some pet sitters also administer medications if a pet requires it.

According to Worldwide Pet Sitter officials, pet sitting is one of the world’s fastest growing and most accessible businesses today.

When looking for a pet sitter, ask for proof of bonding and insurance, affiliation with a professional pet-sitting organization, references and a backup sitter in case something happens.

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