Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 2

I am an animal lover.This is something we all face as pet owners. Unfortunately, we get so overwhelmed when we see those beautiful eyes look back at us, we buy or adopt a pet not realizing that we will need this care at some point in time.The same as when we will need help with expensive medical care down the road.Either way, it’s another decision we have to prepare and face for our loving pet/ treated as part of the family.

This is a good question. What is best for the pet or our convenience?We must take under consideration a few things at hand.They are used to their own surroundings for the most part.Whether a dog or cat, We want them comfortable by all means.A vets shelter is probably the better decision. Though most of us are not to happy with that. I know from experience. I’ve gotten my pets back and they had caught something from being there. Though people have tried to tell me, that if something should go wrong while they are there, the vets can fix it.The whole thing is, they weren’t sick when they went in. Therefore, I make another trip back to the to the vets to cure the problem. I explain it to them, tho’ it doesn’t matter. I just want my pet feeling good.The extra expense on top of the shelter fees I’ve already paid.

I find that a good friend or family member, especially an animal lover and that’s a must, give care for your pet in the home. This should be someone that the pet is used to seeing and gets along with. This person should be able to have great patience and to follow all on a list you have made out for them. Times for going out to walk or do their duty.Feeding times and water changes. Cleaning the litter and the list should also include the vets phone number as well. Would they be willing to take the pet for you should something occur?Leave them a number where you can be reached. This pet is very much part of your family and most of us treat them like a child. Wouldn’t you want all the care needed for your human child? Well, what makes it so different for your pet? I personally don’t see any.You need someone to count on with greatness for honesty and who will be trustful. It’s just straight and simple!It takes some great thought to getting a pet as the thought of having children does.Can we care for them under all circumstances?

I still believe and say yes to pet sitters. It would cost a few bucks to pay someone, yes but, a family member usually doesn’t mind and will help without paying them. The pet will be much happier at home, especially if it is someone it knows. Pets can be just as excited to see them walk in the door as when they see you come home.I believe though, If you have a pet that is difficult with other people or maybe you think that the pet is a handful to take care of, take caution, then I would say to shelter them. We wouldn’t want to see anyone getting hurt. Maybe you getting sued because of a misunderstanding as to the care for your pet.

Like anything else, one must take everything under consideration that one can think of to the situation. Make your decision and hope for the best. Their lives are in the hands of others.We don’t always know if our decisions are right, we can only hope for the best. Make a safe and healthy pet care decision as best you can for the time of your absence.Plan for this care in plenty of time before you leave. Pet sitters should be just as happy as the pet they are caring for!

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