Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 11

The way I see it is , if you have a relative or a friend that has pets and treats them the way you do , then I don’t see why you should have to pay someone to watch your pets. Around here we have a system. When one family member or friend does you a favor , then you don’t need to use money to pay them back. We’re always doing something for one another. Your pets should feel as though they are at home when their parents go for an extended stay and can’t take pets with them.

If we take them to a kennel and leave them when they haven’t been before , some dogs and cats have been known to pine for their owners and get deathly ill. Why would you want to put your babies through that? Some folks think of their pets as children and therefore want what’s best for them as they would human children.I know if it were my pets , they would be with someone that I would trust completely with my dogs. I would know then they would be taken care of as if I were the one who was taking care of them as usual.

Now people sometimes don’t care one way or another. Unfortunately there are folks like that ,and they just don’t care how their pets might feel or how it might affect them.All they want to do is stick them in some kennel with people they don’t know and just go on about their business.You never know what those people are doing in a kennel. All you can think is , are my pets being took care of ? , or , what if they miss me too much and get sick? . You just never know . What would you do then? All I know is , I would much sooner leave my dogs with a family member or friend before I leave them at a kennel. Then I’d know they would be just fine while I’m away.My little sister and I have always raised our dogs like they were children and we didn’t trust anyone with them unless they knew animals like we did . There are more options you have to pick from when you choose a sitter rather than a kennel. I mean there’s everyone in the family who has pets and friends who treat pets the same as you would. The effects of a kennel on pets who are not used to them , can be extremely negative. Would you like to come back from a great trip and find that your pet was ill , or worse , dead? I know I wouldn’t. If that were my only option I’d just as soon stay home. I’d want my children taken care of well . I’d expect the same for my dogs . Even though they are a bit spoiled. I still want what is best for them , and what is best is , to keep them as healthy and happy as humanly possible.

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