Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 10

Most people today own a pet. One of the main problems people have is what to do with their pets while they are gone on vacation. There are many options of what you can do with your pets while you are gone. Some people leave them with family members or get neighbors to watch their pets. Two of of the most popular solutions for people with pets who are going on vacation, are animal shelters, or a pet sitter.

A shelter is usually more convenient for most people, then a pet sitter would be. However to leave your pet with a shelter is risky. Your are never sure how the people will treat your pets once you are gone. There are some good shelters that are very nice. Yet many of them are very badly run and would not take sufficient care of your pet. Also it is hard to get to know what kind of shelter you are leaving your Pet with. You may get a tour and get to talk to the people in the shelter, but still there is an uncertainty of what your pets treatment will be like at any shelter.

I believe to hire a pet sitter would be the better of the two solutions. It may be more expensive and will take a little more effort to find the best sitter for your pet , but most of the time it works out better than if you would have left your pet at a shelter.

The reasons for this are: 1) You get to meet the person you are hiring and can get an idea of the persons character, while at a shelter different people will be working with your pet and you do not really know how your pet will be treated.

2)You can give specific instructions for your pets special needs and can have faith that they will probably be followed. If left at a shelter however, your pet would just get basic care.

3) It is all together better for your pet. Your pet can be in his natural environment which will help if the animal starts missing you. Also your pet will more than likely get more care and love since it is just him and the sitter. Instead of Your pet along with tons of other animals and a few workers to take care of him.

So a pet shelter may be more convenient,cheaper,and less work for you. The true concern here though is your pet. When deciding where to leave him. Think of yourself being in his place. Which would you rather be left with? A Shelter or A Sitter?

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