Pet sitter or boarding kennel: Who should care for your pet while youre away? – Part 1

I prefer a Pet Sitter because of the following experience with Preppy Pet Suites in Deerfield Beach, FL. Never again will I go with a doggie hotel. I had to go to a wedding in Washington DC from Florida with the whole family and I was going to be away for over a week. I decided to try and find a nice place for my 4 year old Tibetan Spaniel. I was looking for a place that may be a little more expensive than a regular kennel, but hopefully would be worth it since I love my pet so much and wanted the very best care for him while I was away. After looking over their website, it seemed like a professional and legit establishment. I took my pet for their “temperament test” about 2 weeks before dropping him off and he passed the test with flying colors. The only concern that I mentioned was that as with all Tibetan Spaniels, they can be aloof and nervous around other dogs. I was told that they have this great $8.95 play time charge per day that they can use for one-on-one time during the day instead of a group play. Specifically, I was promised the dog would have time out of his crate equal to the time that the other dogs are out in group play. The guy said that if we watch Cesar Milan on The Dog Whisperer, that it is the same way they run their establishment. He said we may even pick up a changed dog. The night I arrived in Washington DC, I received the rudest voicemail message that I have ever received from anybody stating that the dog was being disruptive to their routine and personnel and “come and get your dog RIGHT NOW”. I still have this voicemail and it is available to anyone who would like to hear it, it is disgusting. I called this pricey boarding house for dogs and was told the exact same thing again. This time, when I expressed it would be impossible to pick up my dog, the story changed. Now I’m told that my dog is a vicious attack dog and must be picked up immediately because everyone that works there has been bitten. This is utter crap and nonsense because my dog would never bite anyone, is a little lap dog, and is missing some of his front teeth. Apparently, from watching the webcams that they have provided, this place is lazy and likes to take all of the dogs out at the same time, and because my dog could not be taken out with the other dogs, it caused them an “inconvenience”. So to some it up, they have at any given time, 20-30 dogs boarding at any time. 20-30 dogs multiplied by $40+ a night, it’s easier for them to lose a customer for life and be rude to them than to inconvenience their staff to walk one dog separately from other dogs. So my dog spent the entire time in his crate without receiving the one-on-one time (which was an extra $8.95 a day), and was not walked as often as the other dogs. The staff is rude, nasty, discourteous, and other words that I will not use at this time. Don’t leave your dog here because your taking a chance of the staff calling you to pick up your dog the same day you dropped him off even if you are already out of the state because your pet was an “inconvenience” to them. When you’re paying almost $50 a day for your dog to be boarded, you certainly expect courteous and professional good service from people with experience taking care of animals. Sadly, leaving my pet at Preppy Pet Suites was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made, both from a monetary loss and discomfort for my pet. Leaving my pet at my vet’s kennel would have provided more time out of a crate than at this wild, shady, unprofessional, foul-mouthed, lazy, discourteous, disrespectful, and unmannered facility.

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