Pet ownership in an economic recession – Part 4

The tough economy is hard on everyone. There are many things we can learn to live without but it doesn’t need to be your beloved pet. There is a lot you can do to lower your pet costs without lowering your pets care.

Medical care is very important. It may seem like you would be saving money by skipping those vaccinations this year, but don’t! It would be more expensive if your pet got a disease such as Distemper or Parvo. Diseases are very costly to treat, and that is assuming your pet will pull through. Vaccinations are available at a low cost in many places. Check your local phone book, or your local pet store to find out where you can get your pet vaccinated at a price you can afford.

While you are looking for that low cost vaccination clinic, is your pet spayed or neutered? This is another thing you may think is too expensive but many counties, towns and local shelters offer low or even no cost surgeries. It is better for your pet’s long term health and it keeps the pet population down. If your pet was to have a litter, the cost of those babies, their care and feeding are your responsibility until they are eight weeks of age.

Pet foods come in all price ranges. You do not necessarily need a high priced pet food. Shop around and then do what you do with your own food, check the label! Look for higher protein and lower fillers. Check your pet’s weight and keep within the suggested guidelines to make them happy and healthy. When you find a good food, go online to the company’s website and check for coupons to save even more.

Another money saver is identification for your pet. A simple ID tag can save your pet a trip to the animal shelter. If your pet gets loose and no one knows where to return it, it may very well end up at a shelter. The cost can be extensive to get your pet back, and even more if he is injured. If your dog has an ID tag, or even better a microchip, he can be returned right away at little or no cost to you.

Our pets are an important part of our lives. Keep these things in mind to keep your costs down, and your pet healthy.

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