Pet ownership in an economic recession – Part 1

With some creative thinking and research you can unleash the power of pet savings for your pet needs by following a few simple ideas for saving on pet food and pet care products. When money is tight in this economy, the belt on Fido and Fluffy gets tighter too, but with some creative ideas you can help your pet through the economic downturn also. The following pet saving ideas will stretch your pet budget and help keep the care of your best friends a little easier under control.

1. Big is better! Buy the big bag. Compare the price per pound on your current brand for pet food and pet litter. More times than not you can save enough that it’s like getting a free additional small bag.

2. Let the manufacture know that you use their product. Sign up for free coupons and newsletters on their websites. These coupons are usually quite valuable and they are free!

3. Is your pet overfed and overweight? Now’s the time to figure out the proper portion and save money on food by serving the correct amount.

4. Create a trail mix. Try mixing expensive soft food with some dry food. Some of the finicky may fall for this trick if you warm it in the microwave a little. You don’t have to be skimpy on the nutrition either. The middle of the price is usually adequate in nutrients for your pet.

5. House calls are expensive! But having your pet’s medicines and flea and tick treatments delivered to your door can be quite a bit cheaper. Do your research on pet meds web sites for the products that you normally buy from your vet. A prescription will still be required.

6. Pet health insurance can actually be cheaper than paying full price on your pet care. Weigh the cost verses what problems the breed is know to normally have and it might be beneficial to get the insurance, saving you money in the long run.

7. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine! Save money on home away from home for your pet by trading boarding with a neighbor or friend while you are traveling. Can’t find anyone for pet sitting duties? Try a young person in the neighborhood. Their fees are usually quite low and your pet gets to spend time in an environment where it is happy.

8. Home cooked meals like Mom used to make. Try making some homemade treats for your pet or even try making your own food. Make homemade toys too.

9. Receive a medical grant. Grants for pet emergency medical care can be used to give much needed care to your pet when you are in financial need. One organization to check is In Memory of Magic (IMOM). Learn more about this donation funded organization at

Remember your pet is one steady friend in the household that gives you unconditional love. No matter the economy, they understand you and are there to greet you everyday. They adjust just like us humans to some of the required changes when money is tight. With a little creative adjustments we can provide comfortable care for our pet friends.

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