Pet Loss: 5 Ways to Prevent it from Happening to You

These days there are too many ways to lose our pets. We have to worry about dog snatchers, hit-and-run drivers, another neighborhood dog, animal control, or the accidental swallowing of household items, like a needle. And while no one likes to think that we could ever lose our pets, there are a handful of things we can do to help prevent some of these from happening.

Take care of your pets

By taking proper care of your pet you lesson the risk that anyone will have cause to take your pet from you. This means properly feeding, watering and housing your pets. Do not have 10 dogs living in one dog house. Make sure their living area is clean and free of feces and filth. If you have too many pets to care for, cannot afford them, or don’t want them, then do them and yourself a favor and give them up for adoption. Do not be the next person we watch on Animal Planet being raided by the animal control officer.

Train your pet

Training your pet to come when called on a reliable basis is a requirement for keeping your pets out of trouble. This does not replace a leash law. If you are going to walk your dog on busy streets, then use a leash. Do not think that you dog could not ever disobey you. The desire to chase a rabbit might easily outweigh the desire to come to you. This training will also help to prevent any unwanted problems with other people. In this day of “suing happiness”, why risk fines or worse because your dog jumped on someone.

Supervise your pets

No matter how well trained your pet is, when they are unsupervised they can and will get into things. They are curious natural explorers. They will find twig, sticks and anything that resembles one to chew on. If you left your favorite tools outside, these become a risk to your pet. Remember to look at things around your yard from a pet’s perspective. They are low to the ground, sniff for bugs, chew on rocks and dig in the dirt. When they do this, they are looking for stuff to keep themselves occupied with. Make sure what they find is not a hazard to them.

Pet Proof your house

This goes hand in hand with supervising your pets, but is quite commonly missed or done incorrectly We always assume that since the dog never jumps on the counter when we are home that they will never do it when we are not. Well, you’re wrong. If you have a dog that is large enough to reach stuff, then move that stuff, or risk losing it to the unsupervised curious dog. Pet proofing means eliminate all potential threats to your pet. Take away anything they can chew or swallow, remove things they can knock over or break, and cover anything that has sharp edges. Take the same precautions with your pets as you would a newborn baby.

Get pet insurance coverage

Many better insurance companies, and online companies like VPI Pet Insurance, offer direct pet insurance to you. These insurance carriers will cover your pet for a host of issues ranging from having your pet spayed or neutered to cancer treatments or surgeries. There is no way to know ahead of time if your pet will develop some medical issue that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Because your pets can be lost in so many manners, it is absolutely crucial that you take what steps you can to protect your pets. You are not trying to protect just from harm, but from other people, other animals and the ever rising costs of pet care. You want the best for your pet because they are a member of the family. Do the best you can for your loved ones, including your pets, and they should be with you for many years to come.

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