Pet health insurance: Is it a good idea? – Part 1

Two years ago next month a bundle of joy came into my life. His name is Undertaker. He is a Shepard, Collie, Pit bull mix who I just adore. When my husband and I first got Undertaker we did a lot of research to figure out the best way to care for him and which would be the cheapest for us.

We called around to our local vetrinarain offices to ask how much they charge for shots and neutering and just basic healthcare. We quickly grew discouraged. The prices were outrageously high. We didn’t want to give up that easily so we kept on calling. Finally, after what seemed like ages we came across a great deal. It was a form of animal insurance. My husband and I had to pay about $100 up front and then only $21.95 a month every month after that. We are able to cancel at anytime we wish. This truly seemed like the perfect fit.

Under our specific insurance plan just about everything we wanted to be covered was. All of his shots and to our suprise even his neutering were covered. The vet office even gives us a report card everytime we bring Undertaker in giving us detailed information on how he is doing and how he is growing. One of the only things they really don’t cover under this specific plan is any medication. The great thing is anything that isn’t covered they let you know before hand and ask if you would still like to recieve the procedure. There are no hidden fees. This plan has at this point in his 2 years of life saved us so far about $2,000. One of the best features is if god forbid something happened I don’t even have to call and make an appointment, we can just bring him in. They also have different levels of insurance that you can choose from whether you want it to cover more or less the choice is generally up to you.

If you are an animal lover, like so many of us are, then animal insurance is the way to go. It truly is the best care your pet can get. In todays economic times we are all looking for ways to cut back and save money. You shouldn’t have to cut back on your pet care. Animal insurance is an excellent way to save thousand of dollars on your pets well being.

Do your research and find out if any vetrinarian offices near you offer any kind of animal insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out exactly what is covered. There should be plans to fit all kinds of budgets whether big or small. Because most of us want what is the very best for our loved ones, animal insurance is surely the way to go.

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