Pet health insurance: Is it a good idea?

Why NOT to get pet health insurance

On several occasions I have researched animal insurance plans. As bad as people insurance is, everything I’ve learned is telling me that pet insurance is no better. I can’t find any evidence that pet insurance is cost effective in any way. Please take the time and effort to explore other ways to finance your pet’s health care needs.

I agree that veterinary fees are exuberant, but owning a pet is a responsibility that you take on when you bring the precious bundle home. You know there will be vet fees to pay from that day forward, and they can’t always be put off. Accidents happen, illnesses happen, we have to plan for them just as we plan for our human children’s entry to college, first car, dance or Karate lessons or sports interests. In these economic times, pet insurance is a waste of money that most of us just simply cannot afford.

Research pet insurance plans and select a good one. Make sure you find one that will cover well visits and unexpected trips to the vet. Look at the premium. Take that amount each month and place it into an interest bearing savings account. If you stick with it and put that money away every month as though you were paying the pet insurance premium, you will have more than enough money put away to overcome, financially, all your pet’s veterinary bills. You will also have a fund to lean on during leaner times should you absolutely need it.

Additionally, if you spend some volunteer hours helping a local shelter or SPCA, you will meet people that will help you in desperate times. They have veterinarians that come to the SPCA, and designated vet clinics that see shelter animals for a reduced fee. They need volunteers to work a couple of hours each weekend to assist with pet adoption efforts, they need safe-houses to keep pets on a temporary basis, they need people to walk, groom, train, and feed animals. By donating some of your time helping them, they will help you.

If you can’t spend time in the shelter’s without getting depressed or adopting every animal that comes through the door, volunteer at a vet clinic. They need people to clean cages, disinfect runs, walk dogs, pet cats, clean litter boxes, feed all the animals, and keep them with fresh water.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box in an effort to provide your animals with their needs. It’s not hard, just get a little creative.

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