Pet health care: Treating and preventing pet illness – Part 5

There is a long list of dog medical supplies, a list from A to Z. And why wouldn’t there be a huge need for dog medical supplies for man’s best friend? These days the family pet is doted on as if it were a child and people are spending more and more in the hopes of keeping the family pet around for as long as possible.

Maybe your dog has allergies or itchy skin, which could also be allergies. You can get dog medical supplies such as Pet Allergy Relief Solution. It’s a formula of conditioners and proteins that control dander. There are also anti-shedding control wipes to wipe away the dog dander that settles everywhere if you have an indoor pet. So, why let your pet suffer from allergies when there are so many ways to prevent it?

Then there could be the need for dog medical supplies cause sweet little “FiFi” is a little too attractive to the opposite sex. There is a dog medical supply for that as well; anti-mating spray. It masks the scent of your female that attracts male dogs.

There are a lot of pet medical supplies in the form of medications such as arthritis and joint care products. Dog medical supplies to help with this doggie ailment is glucosamine, diet, fish oil, pain relievers, even acupuncture to help out your four-legged family member.

The list for the pet medical supplies could go on and on. There is a product for pet ear care, ear wash, which is an anti-itch ear cleaner for pets. There is also mite lotion and repellent that has sunscreen and lanolin, this also protects puppy’s delicate skin.

For their eye care there is eye wash, eye drops and eye wipes that are specially formulated to clean around the delicate eye areas.

And let’s don’t forget about pup’s smile. There are dozens of specially formulated toothpastes, plus toothbrushes. Maybe you’ll just take puppers to the veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning.

You need to know that the list of dog medical supplies goes on-wonder if there is a prescription needed?

So, pup has doggie digestion problems. There’s Tummy Ease, Diarrhea Relief, herbal tincture and plant enzymes and probiotics.

There are housebreaking pads for young puppy and pooch pads for the senior dog in your family.

Probably, though, the most common problem of all times with pets and one of the best selling pet medical supplies, flea and tick relief. For fleas and ticks there are collars, powders, spray, drops and dips.

Then let us not forget all the dog medical supplies for dog fungus and mange.

There are a number of medical supplies for your precious pets; lotions, potions, drops and drips, as well as sprays, powders and pads. There are pet medical supplies for grooming, itching and skin care. Beyond all that, there are splints for broken legs, halo’s to prevent licking and scratching, surgeries to prevent pregnancy and dog groomers and shampooers.

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