Pet health care: Treating and preventing pet illness – Part 1

Maintaining pet health care is really no different than maintaining a child’s health. Pets need to be nurtured, cared for and loved. They are part of a family so you should treat them like one as well.

Pets need their health care maintained by having them checked regularly by a professional veterinarian. They need to keep a healthy weight and by doing so, a proper etiquette diet. Keeping them active also plays an important role in a pets health. Taking them for regular walks if they are a dog and playing ball in the house if it may be a cat.

Some questions that might come to mind about pet health care may include: “What shots are required for my pet?” Usually a rabies shot and a distemper shot are the best ones. As fare as dogs go, they should have a parvo vaccination. Parvo can be extremely deadly for dogs if not detected early and treated. Some cats are susceptible to leukemia, so ask a vet about certain vaccinations for your pet. “What if my pet seems to have a poor appetite or is losing weight?” There could be a few different reasons for that. Such problems that might be the cause of such affects may be that there is a sign of worms, parvo or leukemia. So be sure to have your pet checked at his regular exams.

Dogs have a few illnesses that can be prevented and or treated if detected early. Such illnesses are parvo, heart worm, tapeworm, and rabies. There are shots for parvo and rabies that can protects your pet. You can also get heart worm pills from the vet that can prevent your dog from getting the disease which can be very dangerous. Also, your can buy pills or liquid that will treat and clean the animals system of worms. Those items can be purchased at wither your vet clinic or at a local supermarket that sells pet products. I was fortunate enough that my dog was treated early for parvo, so many people don’t think to have their pet tested regular for that. Dogs have died due to the lack of intervention.

Cats are also susceptible to illness that can be treated and or prevented with proper care. Such illnesses are rabies, leukemia, tapeworms and a cold. A cold?! Yes, a cat can catch a persons cols if exposed to for a certain amount of time. So, to prevent a cat from catching a cold, try avoiding close face to face contact with the animal. Also, cats should not be given milk on a regular basis. Once in a while won’t hurt them, but if too much milk is consumed by the cat, it can mess up their pancreas. Do not use flea dips on a cat either, those can cause internal bleeding and problems to other areas of the cat.

So, please make sure that your pet does have regular check-ups. And if you think that there is something wrong with your pet no matter how silly you might think it is, do not hesitate to call your vet. That’s what they are there for as doctors for children and adults.

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