Pet grooming trends and techniques – Part 2

So many different choices are available for the pet owner today. You can find just about any groomer to fit into the schedule you have.

Of course the most popular has been the Grooming Salon. Where you take your pet to a salon, drop them off and then pick them up a couple of hours later. It seems pretty cut and dried, no pun intended. Benefits of using a salon are:

The groomers do a large quantity of animals so they can be faster

They can offer more retail products

However with the changing lifestyles of society, comes the need for more flexible grooming options. Home Groomers can be found in local ads or recommended by friends or family. The benefits of home a groomer are:

Quieter environment for the pets

Different hours of operation

Lower cost due to lower overhead

Mobile Groomers are also becoming more common. This is usually a van, designed for grooming inside. The van pulls up in your driveway, hooks up to your water and electricity. They have their own air conditioning, furnaces and water heaters. Everything needed for grooming all in the van. Benefits of mobile groomers are:

Convenience of not having to leave home

Nervous pets don’t have to go far from owners

Flexible hours

Great for multiple pets

Home Mobile Groomers are also gaining in popularity. The difference being, no van pulls up, but the groomer still comes to you. The groomer brings everything needed to groom your pet/pets and uses your laundry room or other designated area in your home. Benefits for you and your pets are:

Homebound customers don’t have to take the dog anywhere

Nervous pets stay in their own home

Flexible hours

Also great for multiple pets

Confidence of being with the groomer and your pet

There are many options out there for busy schedules you can do and still feel good about the care you are providing for your pets. If your pet doesn’t necessarily need a professional groomer. There are a few easy care techniques you can do yourself.

Grooming supplies are always available at your local pet store, but you can also get free catalogs for supplies.

The Dog’s Outfitter 1-800-367-3786

UPCO – 1-800-254-8726

Jeffers Pet 1-800-533-3377

Care A-Lot 1-800-343-7680

Some general tips for pet owners include ear care, flea and tick control, dry sensitive skin, nail care and clipping, and the proper use of professional clippers.

If you want to use grooming clippers. Use a basic single speed clipper. It is easier to handle

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