Pet grooming trends and techniques

Pet grooming has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry over the last 20 years. With advances in holistic pet care and all natural diets, new specialty pet grooming shops are opening their doors daily.

Even if you are just looking for a good haircut for your new (or older) puppy, there are some new options to consider.

Many dog owners are now opting for a “puppy cut” style. This clip leaves the same length of hair all over the dog’s body and legs with a more individual look for the head and face. There are many advantages to having your dog groomed in this style, including ease of coat care for owner and ease of clipping for the groomer.

Having your dog groomed with a “puppy cut” style will require some grooming at home between appointments with the dog groomer. A cut of this style normally leaves the dog’s coat anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half in length, giving the coat lots of bounce and fluff (and the dog’s appearance is more like a puppy). Therefore a daily brushing, or better yet combing, will be necessary to maintain this length. Pet owners should never rely on a groomer’s “magic” comb to get mats out of a dog’s coat (it hurts just as much with a stranger pulling, and your dog will hate to go to the groomer).

Grooming tools have evolved as well. Any dog owner now has ready access to professional grooming tools including: combs, brushes, mat rakes, dog grooming clippers, dog grooming clipper blades, clipper blade comb extensions, dog nail clippers, dog drying kennels, dog cage dryers.

For the dog owner that keeps a regular grooming schedule, the bare necessities are: a shedding comb, a slicker brush, and a pet nail file.

Proper health care and diet of your pet also ensures a better grooming experience. Many grooming shops have started offering holistic and all natural pet diets for sale to their customers as a way of helping to ensure better skin and coat quality in dogs. Some veterinarians now recommend a raw diet for all dogs and cats, as they are both born carnivores.

Full line dog spas can now be seen popping up in cities across the U.S. Offering services such as: full body dog/cat massage, deep tissue dog/cat massage, dog/cat acupuncture and acupressure, dog/cat temperament testing, dog/cat behavioral analysis, individual training and play time.

These service come at a price of course, but with a little research you can often find introductory coupons or referral bonus programs. You can also pamper your pet at home for a very affordable luxury. All natural shampoos and cream rinses for dogs and cats can be heavily diluted to last longer. A warm bath can be a treat for you and your pet.

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