Pet Grooming Supplies and Tips

Grooming is one of those things that pet owners look at differently. Grooming is an essential part of your pet’s health. Some people look at grooming a dog as an occasional use of a brush or comb. There really is a lot more to your dog’s health than using a brush or comb every once in a while. Think about it, you as a human brush and comb your hair. You do this to keep it manageable and to stimulate your scalp. You also wash your hair with shampoo to remove dirt and oils.

In addition you may use a type of rinse to help condition your hair. Dogs need the same type of care with their coat, i.e. frequent use of a brush/comb, as well as the routine use of a shampoo and conditioner can really benefit your pet. Dogs have different types of coat; therefore, you need to make sure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner.

Just like people, skin, ears, and nails need to be kept in their best condition for the overall best health of your pet.

Skin needs to be kept soft and supple. Besides who wants to be itchy and need to scratch all the time…this really is no fun for you or your pet. The type of food your pet eats effects their skin. Be sure you feed your pet good quality foods for the best skin/coat results. There are many great shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated to help keep your pet’s coat and skin soft and supple.

A pet’s ears can be viewed similar to a humans ear….they both must be kept clean for your pet’s best health. A pet’s ear can get dirty and oily. Without proper care and attention a pet’s ear can end up with an infection. Keeping the ear clean can be done by using special cleaners. You need to make sure you routinely (weekly) check your pet’s ears, making sure they are clean and infection free.

Using special ear cleaner and the gentle use of a Q-tip, you can keep their ears in tip top shape. Nails need attention too. Keeping up on your pet’s nails is a very important part of your pets grooming. Not keeping up on your pet’s nails is not a road you want to go down. The longer the nail, the longer the quik inside the nail grows. You must take extreme care never to cut or damage the quik. This can cause a great deal of pain for your pet. For the best nail care, carefully use clippers or a dremel to frequently shorten your pet’s nails.

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