Pet food: Questioning what it contains

Do you ever wonder what dog food manufactors put in your pets food. Well I did, and discovered some disturbing information. You want your dog to be as healthy as he or she can be. Are you willing to provide better dog food for your pet? Well then, you need to stop feeding your pet ANY of the widely available commercial dog foods. And Cat food is no different!

I am talking about the well-known brands of dog food that are found in supermarkets, and even most of the superior brands sold in some of the pet stores,and even by many vets.

And I know you want to provide better food for your pet and the brand that is cheaper is generally full of junk, but even many of the more expensive brands leave much to be desired. In addition, the brands that your vet may even recommend, like Hills Science Diet, and other similar brands. Are all the same.

What is needed is healthy pet food nutrition? It should have vitamins and minerals, plus grain for energy and of course, you need a proper amount of fat sources. In addition, a good high quality meat sources is important, BUT expensive. So in comes CORN. It is cheap and takes up a lot of room in the dog food bag and of course the dog’s stomach.

You expect to have healthy dog food for your pet and the makers even advertise that there is protein, and nutrients, chicken, beef. And they show you how yummy it looks with gravy and vegatables well there is NONE!

Vegetable Protein: This is the amount of grain and vegetable products that are used in dog food and it has risen dramatically over the years.

Plant products: now replace a considerable proportion of the meat that was used in the dog food. Now is this good dog food nutrition? There is very, very little of any of those ingredients in the average commercial dog food that are advertised, and by the time it has been overcooked at high temperatures, and sprayed with preservatives, where is the healthy food for your dog?

This has led to severe nutritional deficiencies in our pets with not enough of the important ingredients that are required for a balanced diet. Pet food nutrition is essential to our dog’s health. Most dry foods contain a large amount of cereal grain or starchy vegetables to provide texture. These are high in carbohydrates and are a” cheap” source of “energy”. Gluten provides high protein extract from carbohydrates, which are calories.

Did you know that dog food contains some deadly chemicals that actually been banned from the human food chain because they cause:

Bladder Cancer

Spleen Cancer

Severe allergic reactions


These are just a small sample of what illness can occur from this “junk” we feed our pets. Your dog deserves better food and a healthy life. Have you thought of another way of feeding your dog? A safe and healthy way?

Now what is on the rise is pet owners are “making their own dog food, that’s right can you blame them? There are recipes where you can provide the necessary ingredients to give your pet the nutrition that is safe and needed

If you are curious then check out what “natural” and “Organic” mean when you see them on dog food.It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

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