Pet expenses

The joy and satisfaction of sharing your life with a dog, or cat is priceless. However this rewarding experience is not free, or even cheap. Keeping a pet is an expense you must be prepared for. It is understandable to fall in love with a sweet little puppy, or kitten. Before you make the commitment to offer the sweet little animal a loving home, you need to examine not only your living situation, but also your financial situations.

Can you afford to purchase healthy, quality food on a regular basis? Can you afford the basics of owning a cat or dog such as kitty litter, flea and tick medication, heart worm medication,food, toys and grooming supplies? You will need a collar, leash, equipment for removing waste. The initial cost of the animal will be the least of your financial concerns.

The medical care of your pet is the most important and expensive cost to consider. Depending upon where you live, you can expect to pay around two hundred dollars minimum for the initial visit, shots and six month dose of heart worm medication. Keep in mind, your dog will need to return to the vet in six weeks for a follow up shot or two. So add another one hundred dollar minimum to the initial visit.

I am lucky to have a wonderful vet, with reasonable prices. Other vets in my area charge much more than he does! When I add up my pet expenses, We spend on my two dogs $68 a month for Nutro Max dog food. For flea and tick treatment and heart worm medicine we spend about four hundred dollars a year on the two dogs. Additionally we spend about four hundred dollars for routine vet bills, and grooming. This does not include toys, treats or accessories. Seriously, my two dogs cost me over fifteen hundred dollars a year!

You also must purchase dog tags, and don’t forget products to clean up after your dog, as well as food and water dishes. Caring for a pet in a way is like caring for children.On a smaller scale of course. It is a major commitment to own a pet. If you are not prepared to spend that kind of money on your pets care every year, then you should not take the sweet little animal home with you.

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