Pet Dog the Best Friend For Keeps

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend because they are very playful and cheerful animals. They keep us company whenever we are alone and when we are bored. Having a pet dog can give lots of joy. They may be the most loyal companion you will ever have. Sometimes pet dogs are even more trustworthy than humans are. Dogs are also known for their intelligence. They have the ability to mimic the actions that humans do. Aside from playing with your pet dog you can also teach him tricks. Since they are very perceptive they can learn several tricks if you are patient in teaching them. When they already know some tricks and they have mastered it, you can opt to enter them in competitions and dog shows. This is another bonding activity that you can do with your dog. Another thing that you have to know about dogs is that they often have separation anxiety. When they grow attached to their owners then they will find it difficult when they are left behind in the house when the owner needs to go somewhere. The best way to remedy this is to make sure that you make up for the lost time.

When you come home from school or work you should make time for you and your pet dog to play. In this way the trust will not be broken and the dog will feel loved and needed. Another way to make sure that your dog is safe and healthy is to know what food your pet dog needs. Some foods are dangerous for them to eat like chocolates, grapes, onions and macadamia nuts. Feeding your pet dog grapes and raisins will lead to acute renal failure that’s why you should make sure that the food that you give them is free from these mentioned foods. If in case of emergency then you should immediately bring your pet dog to the vet. Dogs may also be attracted to several plants that can be also bad for them, like daffodils, iris and tulip. The mentioned plants can cause them to have gastric irritation and other nervous system problems. That’s why you should make it a point to consciously keep the surroundings of your dog free from these harmful plants. The last helpful tip is for everyone especially those who are not familiar with dogs or those who do not have their own pet dog is this: to prevent being bitten by dogs you shouldn’t approach a dog that is not with his master. Since dogs do not trust those they do not know. And when you do get near an unfamiliar dog you should do your best not to show that you are scared or in worst cases you shouldn’t even run. This will tell the dog’s instinct that he should run after you and who knows what might happen next. As fun as they are we should remember that they are still animals and sometimes can act irrationally.

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