Pet Care – Part 2

In an emergency or disaster a Pet Survival Kit should be available for your pets survival. Most people do not think about the health and safety of their pets before an emergency. A pet left to fend for itself in a disaster usually do not survive, mainly because preparations were not made in advance. If you have a home Survival Kit for you and your family and do not have a Pet Survival Kit do not forget to add one. Your pet will love you for it.

If you are like myself and leave your pet or pets indoors during the day with a doggie door to the backyard, always have at least a whole days worth of food and water available as you might not be able to return home during or after an emergency. Keep at least a weeks supply of stored food and water on hand. If you have small and medium-sized pets you should consider a pet carrier if you do not have one, in case you have to transport them to a safe and secure location. A Pet Survival kit or Pet First Aid Kit will greatly increase your pets survival.

Make sure that your friends and neighbors know that you have pets at home. Keep phone numbers of your friends and neighbors on your person so that you can call and make arrangements to care for your pet or pets. If you have a local animal shelter, have their number available if you should have the need to use their services. The whole idea is to be prepared so that you will have the love and comfort of your pet or pets after an emergency. Please take the time and effort to research and prepare for the next disaster as we do not know when that will be. BE SMART, BE READY, BE PREPARED.

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