PET CARE – Part 1

Pets are truly the members of the family. People generally think of keeping dogs and puppies as their pet. This is because they are easily available and are believed to be faithful and hence provide safety and security. Cats are usually not preferred as it is believed to bring bad luck. Rabbits are avoided to be kept as pets. The reason being the rabbits breed faster and require frequent changes in the cages they are kept. However, besides this they do not require any further looking after and are healthy and do not suffer from many ailments. The other animal kept as pet is guinea pig. It is easy to tame and control it. They are easy to maintain. But they prefer cooler climates and need a lot of space to exercise. Fresh vegetables, pellets and water are required to feed them. Birds are also kept as pets. They require a cage and proper bird food.

Just as weather affects humans, weather also affects pet animals. The difference is only that the humans can take needful actions with the changing weather, but the pets animals can’t. They are dependent on the pet owners to do so. Therefore, it becomes very important to take special care of pets as per the changing weather. Different animals have different requirements for different weathers. For example, it sometimes becomes necessary to shave off some of your pets hair during summer. The hair retains too much heat. But at the same time some hair is beneficial to provide protection from the heat of the sun. The pets cannot speak but they express their needs through panting, staring expression at you, not obeying commands, rapid heart beat, dry skin. The temperature inside the pet shelter should be properly maintained. You can find all the information regarding on pet care from

If your pet lives outdoors, make sure there is adequate shelter and shade during summers. Outdoor kennels should be well ventilated. Make sure there is plenty of fresh drinking water for your pet. Avoid excessive exercise during summers as it causes overexertion and heat stroke. During winter, it is very important to keep them indoors because their body is not accustomed to the outside temperature. If you keep them outside then make sure that they have a warm and thick bedding. offers all these services and pet products at a discounted rate and hence at a cheaper rate than most of the large pet stores. They offer pet supplies for animals like dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, farm animals, horses, cattle, pigs, monkeys, goats, alpacas, llamas, sheep, rabbit, and guinea pigs among others. It provides various pet care products for different pets. For dogs and cats it provides dog poncho, carrier, grooming comb, dog collar, beds, kennels, feeders, clothes, food, odor and stain remover.

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