Observation Practice 1 Dogs Searching for Toys

Join our Facebook page “Observation Skills for Training Dogs “www.facebook.com Here is one person’s observation to read after trying it for yourself: “i thought jessie’s entire body (including head and tail) moved fairly quickly and fluidly except when she was closing in on her find, when her muscles would tense and she would slow her movements. specifically her tail was high and wagging quickly (but would still momentarily when she seized the toy) and she would stretch her neck out and plant into her back legs/feet with back legs apart when she put her head into the pile of leaves. most of the time, her ears were back or loosely out to the sides, mouth open and loose. lucy’s tail was also very high, curved over her back, but seemed to move mostly from the tip – some propeller type movement as she closed in on finding the toy. her back legs were closer together and weight seemed to be more equally distributed over all 4 of her legs when her head was in the pile. she seemed to hold her ears out to the sides more and her mouth was mostly closed. in general she seemed to move more slowly/deliberately than jessie, though no less enthusiastically (imho).”

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