Obedience Dog Training: How To

Obedience Training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy. Obedience training is also an easy way to establish the social hierarchy. The most important thing to remember about dog obedience training is that dogs are generally easy to teach and eager to learn.One very good reason for implementing obedience training is to establish a foundation from which you and your dog will learn to successfully relate to one another.

Most behavioral problems are correctable with proper instruction and patient, consistent training by the dog owner. Nearly all behavior problems are perfectly normal canine activities that occur at the wrong time or place or are directed at the wrong thing. Obedience training doesn’t solve all behavior problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any dog behavior related problem. The key to preventing or treating behavior problems is learning to teach the dog to redirect his natural behavior to outlets that are acceptable in the domestic setting.

Training your dog involves a routine of rules that the dog is expected to follow. Obedience training with your dog can be a lot of fun. Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog. Training dogs should be fun, enriching and bond-building for both of you, if it isn’t, then you need to learn more about reward-based dog training for the benefit of both of you. Dogs are social animals and without proper training, they will behave like animals.

The key to preventing or treating behavior problems through obedience training is learning to teach the dog to redirect his natural behavior to outlets that are acceptable in the domestic setting. A good trainer will never use food as the ONLY inducement for making a dog obedient, but if your slow performer peps up when you give food, use it to overcome problems. A dog trained for obedience is a content, balanced and happy dog. Obedience training can be critical in nurturing the human-animal bond; its basic elements sit, down, stay, come and heel help shape a good canine citizen, and trained dogs have an easier life than.

Dogs are pack animals and are genetically programmed to enjoy following a benevolent leader. It is NOT necessary to establish yourself as top dog or leader of the pack by using extreme measures such as the so-called alpha roll-over. Whatever the age of your dog, the right time to begin training is right now. More than just a pet, your dog is part of the family.

Obedience training is the key to having a dog that is an enjoyable pet. Obedience training is not to teach dogs to do tricks or competition exercises, it’s to train dogs to be obedient, to do what they’re told to do. In fact, obedience training is critical in nurturing the most positive aspects of human-animal relationship. Dog obedience training is the basis for you and your best friend to have a long and happy life together. Basic Obedience training is a must to ensure a well balanced and happy life with your dog.

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