My cat does tricks!

EDIT: Yes, he does these tricks without treats quite easily. 🙂 This is my cat, Mr. Tumnus, doing some tricks. He sits, shakes, begs, lies down, and plays dead on command. I am his owner and trainer and I’ve been training cats, dogs, and horses since I was a kid. Tumnus is a 5 year old blue mackerel tabby and I’ve owned him for just over two years. Right now we’re working on “speak” and “roll over”. My training methods are based on natural cat behavior and reinforced by kind praise and healthy cat treats. Tumnus only does one training session per day to prevent sourness and boredom. If you’d like to learn how to teach these tricks to cats there are a number of books you can read on the subject however I learned simply by spending lots of time around cats. In a nutshell I give my cat a command and usually give a hand gesture to supplement it, then wait until the cat does what I want and then reward with a treat. It’s really that simple. Sometimes it’s necessary to help the cat along by giving a gentle nudge with your hand for “play dead” or holding the treat above their head for “beg”. Just remember to be patient and only work with your cat for a few minutes at a time especially if they’re young. Spending hours trying to train your cat will only make both you and your cat irritated and bored. Also make sure to BE CONSISTENT. Always give the exact same command every time. Even if your cat doesn’t do the trick perfectly the first time, if they do it even the tiniest bit

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